First Days of Homeschooling

Hello everyone!

Let me just start off by saying this. I absolutely love homesteading and homeschooling! At first, I didn’t think I would like it, but I was wrong (don’t tell my husband lol)! I enjoy it so much that we decided to take a trip to the store and get a few art supplies…again, I went overboard!

The kiddos have new art projects that I will be posting pictures of the first week of October, so be on the look out! They have really been a big help with the homestead as well!

I do have to brag about something that happened today, because it made me realize I must be doing something right in raising these 5 beautiful people! My oldest daughter had an unfortunate experience with a “friend” from her old school. They were great friends for 3 years, but now she wants nothing to do with Maria.

Big brother, Zac, started talking to her trying to find out why she was crying 😢. Once he found out, he simply looked at her and said, “Would you like me to call your friend? I can find out why she’s being this way. I’m your big brother and no one is ever going to be mean to you while I’m here”. I immediately had to hold back the proud mommy tears!

After all 3 of us talked, my son and I then explained to Maria that she is priceless. No money in the world could buy her, she’s truly a one of a kind! I wrapped them both up in my arms and told them how much I love them!

Once we got her calmed down, she came outside and helped us with the chickens, which she really doesn’t like doing, but it seemed to get her mind off everything else that a normal pre-teen goes through.

After today, I will be posting new stuff every Sunday! Monday-Friday we have homeschooling and I do my lesson plans on that on Fridays, so I usually get Saturday to relax and spend with my family! I will try to link some of the site I found helpful for us for homeschooling and homesteading. Also I will try to do 2 separate pages of the links, 1 for homeschool and 1 for homestead.

Thanks so much for reading and if you have any proud parent moments, or any advice and/or experiences on either subject homeschool or homestead, I’d love to hear them! Have a safe and wonderful rest of your week!

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