When I Decided to Homestead

I’ve always known I wanted to homestead, even as a kid! Seeing my grandma gardening, baking homemade breads and other foods (most of my cooking skills came from her)! As I got older and became a mother, I wanted to learn more! In 2017, my husband and I started talking about homesteading. Now, 4 years later we’re finally starting! Yay! To get us started, he bought me a canner, Mason jars and extra lids. I ordered chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery this year to. I did weeks of research on the type of chickens we wanted, including asking the Hatchery questions that I just couldn’t find the answers to online. We decided to go with a dual purpose bird, so we got Buff Orpingtons. The reason for this, we wanted good laying hens for our family of 7, but also we wanted to separate the rooster and a few girls so we could have babies to replace others if necessary and for us to have meat birds. We are also getting ready to build a chicken tractor, specifically for our meat birds. Oh and I forgot to mention, we also have Hereford piglets coming in mid-November! As we get further along in homesteading and homeschooling, I’ll add photos and links and maybe a video or 2 of everything going on! I’m so excited to share our new journey and adventures with you guys! I will be posting new pages weekly for now, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to do it daily! Thanks so much for reading!

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